Goodbye 2016

Its been a strange year with lots of highs and lows both globally and on a personal level. It certainly hasn’t gone to plan! 

I’m not going to berate myself for my failures or congratulate myself on my successes, what’s past is past. Instead I will reflect on what 2016 has taught me and the lessons I will take with me into 2017.

1. My parents are the most important people in the world to me. The rest of my family come a close second.

2. I’m  proud of my roots and my heritage.

3. Take chances when I want to not when other people tell me to. Ultimately it’s my life not theirs.

4. I can’t do everything so I should stop trying.

5. Sleep is important. So are coffee breaks

6. Just because someone else isn’t doing the job as quickly or as perfectly as I can doesn’t give me the right to take over!

7. Keep in touch with friends.

8. Always send out Christmas cards, even if it’s just to let people know you’re still alive.

9. Memories are more important then money. 

10. I live beyond my means and I cannot live within them so I should stop worrying about it.

11. A dining table is the most civilised item a person can own.

12. Alcohol is my enemy, green tea is my friend. (Beginnings of rheumatoid arthritis)


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