More Tea Vicar?

I’ve noticed a disturbing fact about the complimentary tea making facilities in hotels in Britain. The cheaper the room the more tea bags they give you. 

When I say cheap I don’t mean the grotty sort with peeling paper, creaking beds and suspicious hotel clerks ( not that I’ve stayed in the sort so I’m not sure what the tea making facilities are like). I mean budget hotels like Premier inn as opposed to higher end like the Marriott. I am currently sipping Earl Grey tea while in bed staying at the Hyatt London. I’m drinking Earl Grey because there is no Breakfast tea left and no milk.

Personally I expect to find in my complimentary drink facilities as standard a cup for every person staying in the room, two English breakfast teabags per person, two coffee sachets per person, a small selection of herbal/other teas/decaf, sufficent milk. On occasions my expections have been surpassed and there has been double this amount plus biccies. I usually find this happens in individually run establishments. My room at the Hyatt has been booked for three people, there are only two cups, three breakfast tea, one Earl grey, two coffee sachets, 4 milk. I went to the desk and they happily gave me more but you would think tea was on rations as I only recieved an extra two English Breakfast and two Earl Grey. I stayed at a Premier inn recently and when I ask for more tea and milk the receptionist gave me a bag full.

So what conclusions can I draw from this. Do the well off drink less tea and more alcohol perhaps? Is it the type of staff they employ, although I’ve never noticed a difference, they are all friendly and professional. Maybe the higher end hotels have blown all their budgets on fancy toiletries and artful decor. Maybe they can’t afford to buy tea, poor souls. 

Either way I must satisfy myself with Earl Grey as I can’t be bothered to slink down to the desk in my pjs and ask for more and I haven’t the patience to wait for housekeeping to fetch me some.

P.S. The most unusual complimentary beverage I have ever found in a hotel was a decanter of fine cream sherry in a independent hotel in Eire. 


One thought on “More Tea Vicar?

  1. In Portmeirion they have a decanter of sherry!

    I know what you mean by the tea bags. First thing I do when entering hotel room (besides go for a wee) is look for the kettle and teabags . Very big difference in the hotels. Often fruit teas or similar outnumber breakfast tea, and milk in short supply.
    I agree that travel lodge and premier inn give you a large handful of milks on request and in a dearer hotel I have been directed to the bar to be poured milk from the urn by their (charged for) coffee machine! Probably expect me to pay at bar for extra cuppas !

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