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Disney World Florida

Best two weeks ever!!

So the best points. Oh my god! Well just about everything Disney! If I had to list them I would be here forever. So I shall list the bad points and the personal peeves I have with a two week trip to Orlando Florida. 

1. Everything is so expensive. I shall have to sell the family silver, take out a bank loan, and eat beans on toast for a year! But its worth every penny. To be fair, half the problem is the exchange rate. You are not getting a lot for GBP sterling at the moment. We stayed at a Disney resort so we were a bit more limited on places to eat as we had no car. We did taxi to a local mall but prices for shopping and eating out were not much different.

2. Everything is so big. Alot of people plan to do one amusement park in one day. It can be done if you are physically fit and don’t have children, elderly or less abled persons. The downside to doing this is you miss the magic and enjoyment of spending time with your family and friends as you are rushing to the next ride and by the end of the day you are so stressed you never want to come back, ever. We took three days to do each park but some you only need two days to do it leisurely.  

3. Food portions. This isn’t a bad point with Orlando as more of a peeve at people who told me the food portions are massive. Either they are lying, or they are starving, or my family are all animals because we didnt think the food portions were massive. Don’t get me wrong they are not small but we thought they were average.

3. Quarters, dimes and the other one. What is wrong with tge American treasury! The quarter I can understand, its the biggest coin and its worth 25c, but the dime and the nickel make no sense at all! A dime is worth 10c but its the smallest coin, about the size of a 5p. The nickel is worth 5c but the coin is bigger the dime, about the size of a 10p! It makes no sense! Theres also a 1c which is copper. I am not the only British person who thinks this. 

4. Paper cups and plates. Everything is takeaway. Unless you pay a small fortune for table service. I like to go for a coffee and cake of an afternoon, I like a nice cup and saucer, a little table with a pleasent view, a fork to eat my cream cake. They do sell twinnings tea but it all comes in paper takeaway cups, cakes in a bag, and you sit on a wall. I feel like I’ve been constantly eating on the go since I arrived.

My next post will be a review of Disney Magic Kingdom


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