About Me

My name is Elle May, my home is in Lancashire but my heart is travelling around the world. I live my parents and visit the rest of my family as much as possible. I spend my days quietly thinking or loudly voicing my profound thoughts hoping someone will understand what I am saying.

I love to travel; my favorite book I take with me is Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett. The cover is falling off but it still makes me laugh. My taste in music and books depends on my mood. I like art galleries and the occasional tipple. I would like to one day live in a French Chateaux with my whole family or on my own in a VW Campervan in blue and silver.

My Education

I attended school for only three days of the week but still managed to attain GCSE in English, Maths and History, still trying to figure out how I did that one. I failed Art, my teacher said I had no depth of feeling, but that has never hindered my creativity. I am still in pursuit of knowledge.

I’m a virtual member of the Lancashire and Cumbria Wrimos, a writing group dedicated to National Novel Writing Month. I have still to meet my fellow Wrimos in person.

My Writing Highs so far

NaNoWriMo 2013 winner, I completed 50000 in 30 days, just.

Shortlisted for short story competition ‘Once Upon a Time’ held by the Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk in 2011.

Shortlisted for Readers Digest 100 word story competition in 2011.


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