My Scribbling

A list of my scribbles, stories and ink blots which I and other people think worth reading.

Flash fiction short listed for the Readers Digest 100 word short story competition January 2011


My wife is unhappy. I try to talk to her but it’s no use. She went for a walk today so I joined her. The sun is shining but it’s cold, autumn leaves are falling. We walked silently through the park together and up the hill past the little church. I put my arm about her waist. She pulls her coat closer together and shakes me off. She stops walking and the tears flow.
‘Charlotte’ I whisper softly.
She doesn’t hear me. Through bitter salt tears she reads the epitaph on the tombstone.
‘Here Lies Henry. Beloved Husband of Charlotte.’


This modern fairy tale was short listed for a competition held by the Chapel Gallery, West Lancashire. I am currently working on a collection of modern fairy tales which I intend to self publish.

‘The Tale of Chesterfield’


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